Love from Gaia

  The way this next drink came about was much like many of the others in the past few days: something was about to turn! This time, it was all my greens — beet tops, kale and romaine lettuce. All that bitterness and I knew I was going to hate the cocktail. And I did. (The only way I would drink that mix is with a shot glass.) I had to make it drinkable, though, I just hate wasting food! Naturally I reached for carrots as a sweetener, but it wasn’t enough. I had oranges, lemons, watermellon and pineapple to choose from.  One look at the pineapple and I could tell it was on its last legs. I decided to juice the watermelon and pineapple (with a clean juicer!) because I knew those would go together. I was more than skeptical that the green-blend and fruits combination would work.  

And yet, when I tried the two groups together (a small amount of each at first) I was amazed by what happened! The contrasting flavors balanced each other beautifully. Because I cleaned out the juicer between the veggies and fruits I can use the pulps separately and maximize them to their highest potential. The veg combo is perfect for savory recipes and the fruit pulp is literally creamy, like softened butter — I am SO excited to use it in baking recipes! This might just be the butter substitute I was looking for in the chocolate-hazelnut cookies!!! What’s more, I passed the watermelon and pineapple through a few times and kept getting more and more juice. I stopped juicing the pulp, not because it wasn’t yielding anymore, but because I didn’t need anymore.

Yield ~ 20 + oz


  • 1/2 beet — stems and leaves included
  • 2 kale leaves
  • 2 lettuce leaves
  • 3-5 carrots
  • Slice(s) of pineapple
  • Slice(s) of watermelon


  1. Wash and prep fruit and veg
  2. Juice 


I stumbled upon this recipe by chance more than courage. I had wanted to try beets and watermelon together for a while, but only just tried it and I’m glad I did! I’m definitely going to juice the two again tonight and probably with strawberries! D you have a combination that seems crazy, but works? Please share it with me in the comments!



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